Commercial Energy

We built a solar energy model structured for Nigeria's commercial sector. We empower businesses to push beyond the constraints of an unreliable public energy grid.

The energy revolution has arrived....

Who’s eligible?

Your Company. Your Mall.
Your School. Your Church

Free ConsultationEasy set-up24/7 Support
SMEs / Large Corporations
Our services are adaptable to small or large business needs
Petrol Stations
Big or small, our solution is sized for your needs.
Expand the future of connectivity in education.
Healthcare facilities
Deliver quality healthcare with reliable power
Free Consultation Easy set-up24/7 Support

How it's done

We have streamlined the transition to reliable energy.

Free consultation
Call us, let's see what you will need
Site audit/system design
We come check out your place to make sure we size your system just right
We take care of everything from complete system design to permitting
Grid installation
We install your brand new power system
Final Inspection
We make sure you're all good to go
Monitoring and Maintenance
We monitor your system and provide on the clock maintenance. The ICE Connect App also enables you to monitor your usage from the comfort of your home.

Our Mission:

ICE is developing innovative solutions to provide sustainable energy in Nigeria ICE was founded with a deep empathy for the human spirit, and an ambitious objective: To deliver lower cost clean energy solutions, that empowers the people who need it the most. Revolutionary ideas begin with a problem: The problem for us is that Nigeria's weak electricity infrastructure significantly hampers its economic development, and it's people are left to fend for themselves. The World Bank estimates that Nigeria experiences the greatest number of power outages; and business owners bear the brunt.

The Problem: More than 50% of Nigerians are constantly living without electricity.

+ Impact driven Solution

According to the World Bank, Nigeria experiences the greatest number of power outages monthly. This problem can be a greater burden for small business owners. It has been reported that Nigerian businesses experience an average of 239 hours of outage every month. This energy crisis has led to a deep economic recession.

Stay Connected to your grid on the ICE Connect App

Data Visualization and Payment. Stay connected to your grid with the ICE Connect app for your Android™ device. ICE Connect gives you access to our management and payment platform that lets you pay for your energy consumption.

ICE Connect App is powered and trusted by global brands and partners.